VideoRecipe: The REAL Carbonara

Dear Friends & Eaters,

I was looking for this recipe today and I realized in horror that it was never migrated to the new site.  Carbonara is the ultimate comfort food but often I see it prepared in the United States with ingredients that go beyond the interpretation. They wander in the territory of Italian Food blasphemy. Let’s set the score straight once and for all.  NO peas, NO cream, and most importantly NO GARLIC in your carbonara.  No matter what some “Italian” chef on tv may tell you the real Carbonara has 4 basic ingredients: eggs (some people only use the yolk) parmigiano/pecorino, pancetta (or bacon) and pasta.  That’s it. The technique is the most important part of this recipe – trust me your eggs are not raw, if you have eaten a sunny side up egg you are more in danger than with carbonara.  It takes 15 minutes but this is the type of comfort food that puts a smile on my face.

By the way, watching these “old” videos make me smile! Cooking in Manhattan has come a long way and thanks to my speech therapist I speak a lot slower now!


  • Giovanna Nocera

    LA Carbonara che ho sempre mangiato ed ho sempre cucinato è identica a quella pubblicata da te.Quindi è considerata quella classica.Sono d’accordo con te.